You are a Deakin University Media Relations Officer assigned to work with the Deakin University…

Assessment 2: Media relations portfolio 30%, 1200 words equivalent:

Mark: 30% of total unit marks

Word count: 1200 words equivalent

Due date: Sunday 27 January 2019 11:59pm. PLEASE NOTE: this is an amended due date giving two

additional days from the due date published in the Unit Guide.

Assignment Instructions:

You are a Deakin University Media Relations Officer assigned to work with the Deakin University

Centre for Film and Image (DUCFI) to promote the 2019 Deakin University Asian Film Festival. You

have been asked to prepare a media relations portfolio comprising 6 items:

1. Media Release (300 words approx.): Your media release should:

a. be correctly formatted,

b. include an appropriate and attention grabbing headline

c. be newsworthy by including relevant facts and quotes (from below) that a journalist

could weave into an engaging story. Select the focus of your media release from the

range of events listed below– you do not have to include all of the events.

2. Four Tweets (max 280 characters per tweet) Check compliance with :

3. Media Alert (200 words approx.)

4. Backgrounder (450 words approx.): Your backgrounder should focus on Deakin University

and include such details as significant historical facts, names and details of key personnel,

organisational structure, campus locations, details of education offerings and other relevant

information. This information can be accessed from the Deakin University website or other appropriate sources.

5. Pitch letter (250 words approx.): Your pitch letter should be addressed to one of your

specialist media list contacts (see 6 below).

6. Media List: Your media list will be comprised of 10 metropolitan news outlets and 10

specialist media contacts. Review the concept of newsworthiness in selecting your specialist

media contacts for your list.


A variety of examples of each of these six items can be found on the Cloud site. You should also use

the knowledge gained from the study guide, your weekly readings, learning activities and reflection

on Assignment 1 when creating your tweets.

Whilst a degree of creativity is permitted and expected in your response, your Media Kit must be

realistic in the context of the information supplied. The Kit and its contents must promote the event

to the appropriate media outlets. DO NOT SIMPLY cut and paste from the Deakin Website; a skilful

and strategic writer will draw on existing information and tailor it for the specific audience.

A range of quotes have been provided (see below) – choose and use these thoughtfully. What will

interest and grab the attention of your audience of journalists, media outlets and specialist media

contacts? What is relevant and what is not relevant?

Assignment scenario: Note this is a fictional scenario

The Deakin University Centre for Film and Image (DUCFI) is a collaboration between the university,

government and industry. It is wholly research-based with a small post-graduate program. It is run

by Professor Charles Cheryble. As part of the Centre’s community engagement activities for 2019 it

has been decided to put on an Asian Film Festival.

Information on the Deakin University Centre for Film and Image (DUCFI) event

The Asian Festival of Film will be held on Sunday, March 10, 2019, from 9am until 10pm at the

Burwood Campus in Melbourne.

It consists of:

? An event launch where Federal Arts Minister Peg Sliderskew will open the event with a short


? A showing of short documentaries which were made through a collaboration between

Deakin University Film and Image students and students at Universities in Malaysia, Sri

Lanka, Singapore and China. The documentaries cover topics such as the environment, life in

a remote villages and artists who use recycled materials to create works of art.

? All day music will be provided by bands and musicians from seven different Asian nations.

? A stand showcasing the new $25 million Deakin University Centre for Moving Images a joint

project of DUCFII and the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) located in India’s

Noida Film City NCR New Delhi.

? Free snacks (including vegan and gluten free options) prepared by the Deakin University

Food and Nutrition Sciences students and local catering firm using a mix of local and organic


? Wandering pop-up theatre performances developed and performed by the University

Amateur Dramatics Group.

? Stalls and information stands promoting local produce, sporting, and arts opportunities at

Deakin University. These stalls are seen as the first step in Deakin University’s own project

called A Year of Community, which seeks to foster closer ties between the University and the

local community.

? A laser-light show to bring proceedings to a close at 10pm. The lasers will be powered by

solar batteries.

Further Information

Prior to writing your media release you spoke to various people involved with the event and

gathered the following quotes. You must now decide which ones to use.

“This tripartite sectoral involvement will engender successful outcomes that could be – but may not

be – extrapolated for further development with partners .” Professor Charles Cheeryble, Head of

Film & Video Studies

“This event will put Deakin University on the map. Bollywood and AAFT have no better partner.”

Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar

“The Centre for Moving Images project is incredibly exciting. Our government believes that Deakin

University will in years to come be a focus for movie makers not only in Australia, but also

worldwide.” Peg Sliderskew, Federal Minister for Arts

“Sustainable technologies are the future not only of a healthy environment but also a healthy

economy.” Hildred Banfield, Professor of Film and Image, Deakin University

“We will be acting out traditional stories from Asia highlighting the work of cinema.” Tansy May,

President University Amateur Dramatics Group.

“It’s a fun challenge, cooking for events using local and organic ingredients and I’ll really enjoy

working with Deakin students to plan the snack menu for the day. We show that healthy and

sustainably produced food tastes good too.” Barnie Mainwaring, local caterer.

“My documentary focuses on two Deakin University Education students who visit a village in rural Sri

Lanka and assist in an education program for local children. The experience really changed their lives

and I hope those who see the documentary will understand the challenges facing people living in

rural communities in developing countries. ” Anoop Dhankar, 2

nd year film student.

“Recently the School of Film and Image decided to sponsor a major Indian cinema event in New

Delhi in November 2018 to build on the growing attraction of our film and media courses in that

country. Such events provide important opportunities for us to build reputation and awareness of

Deakin. We are grateful for the support of Deakin South Asia in this venture and my thanks to them

for their leadership in developing this opportunity. Based on the success of the 2018 event we are

pleased to be able to expand on our activities in the film school.” Lou Flammer, Head of

International partnerships, Deakin University


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