Renting a house can be a major consumption decision, subject to many competing influences….

Renting a house can be a major consumption decision, subject to many competing influences. This assessment requires you to look at the rental property choices of 3 people, and provide your analysis on those factors leading to their decisions.

Firstly, please download the 4 survey questionnaires completed by 4 different respondents (these questionnaires will be posted on Moodle from Week 7). After reading through these questionnaires, please pick 3 questionnaires/respondents (you can pick any 3 you like) as the target for your analysis. You will notice that these questionnaires are mainly about making decisions among 5 different rental property options.

Secondly, please use the compensatory decision rule to calculate which rental property option each of the 3 respondents is most likely to choose, based on the decision matrix presented in her/his questionnaire. Is this the rental property s/he would have actually chosen? If there is a difference, please provide an explanation.

Thirdly, please analyse the behaviour of your chosen respondents. That is, please explain the differences between their rankings of evaluative criteria and their choices of rental properties, using theories on demographics (e.g., age, gender, family situation, income, and ethnicity) and personality.

Lastly, please provide two recommendations to the marketer of any one of the rental property options featured in the survey questionnaires.

This assessment has a maximum word limit of 2500. Your argument and analysis in this assessment requires theoretical support from a minimum of 10 journal article references.

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