Muslims believe that there is one deity known 1. Muslims believe that there is one deity known as…

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Muslims believe that there is one deity known

1. Muslims believe that there is one deity known as __________ and Muhammad is his __________. a. Yahweh; priest b. The Father; Son c. Allah; Prophet d. Ahura Mazda; messenger 2. The imam in Islam is ___________. a. a political figure chosen by God to rule b. a priest with special intercessory powers c. “deputies” of the Prophet d. a learned teacher and preacher 3. According to the text, the largest single Muslim nation is: a. Afghanistan b. Pakistan c. sub-Saharan Africa d. Indonesia 4. Which day of the week did Muhammad declare to be a special day of prayer? a. Sunday b. Tuesday c. Friday d. Saturday 5. When did Muhammad live and Islam emerge? a. Fifth century C.E. b. Sixth century C.E. c. Seventh century C.E. d. Eighth century C.E. 6. The word Islam means __________. a. redemption b. submission c. faith d. love 7. Hijra is __________. a. Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Yathrib (Medina) b. the pagan shrine in Medina destroyed by Muhammad c. Muhammad’s doctrine of prayer d. the name of a month long fast 8. According to the second pillar of Islam, Muslims must pray _________ times a day. a. 2 b. 5 c. 7 d. 10 9. Followers of the more mystical branch of Islam are known as: a. sunnis b. ismailis c. sufis d. ashariyah 10. What does the Qur’an advise regarding polygyny? a. Men should marry as many women as possible. b. Men should only marry up to four wives. c. Men should only choose one wife because it is almost impossible to treat all wives equally. d. b and c only 11. Who is the beautiful young king who would return to reestablish the realm of happiness, peace, and abundance in western Irian Jaya? a. Koreri b. Konor c. Mansren d. Gaya 12. __________ is an example of a religion that can be categorized under the “Accommodationist Movement”. a. The Church on Earth b. The Family International c. Spiritualism d. The Temple of Isis Religions 13. Which of the following is a new revelation sect type of new religions? a. Ghost Dance b. The Church on Earth c. Shakers d. International Society for Krishna Consciousness 14. In 1999 and 2000 ________ gained worldwide attention because of its persecution as a dissident group by the Chinese government. a. Bahá’í b. the Falun Gong c. Shinto d. Daoism 15. Which of the following is an “import religion”? a. Ghost Dance b. The Church on Earth c. Shakers d. International Society for Krishna Consciousness 16. _________ is an up-to-date religion with youth rallies, marching bands, and an emphasis on chanting to receive worldy as well as spiritual benefits. a. Falun Gong b. Hare Krishna c. Druid d. Nichiren Shoshu 17. The foundational belief of most __________ followers is that prior to the patriarchal revolution, men and women lived harmoniously with each other and with nature in egalitarian agrarian communities. a. Hari Krishna b. Goddess Movement c. Falun Gong d. The Church on Earth 18. Two subgroups of the Golden Age Movement are __________ and ___________. a. Voodoo; Santería b. Falun Gong; Hare Krishna c. Feminist spirituality; Neo-pagan d. Pentecostal; Nichiren 19. The Umbanda and Candomblé is a type of __________ Movement. a. Reactive b. Spirit c. Hybrid d. Golden Age 20. _________,“the way of the saints,” is a religious movement combining African and Roman Catholic features. a. Santería b. Voodoo c. Wicca d. Bhakti 21. In _______, esho funi means that the inner and the outer are not separate a. Nichiren Buddhism b. Daoism c. Taoism d. None of the above. 22. Which of the following only allows female leadership? a. Voodoo b. Brahma Kumari c. Millennialism d. Tenrikyo 23. The _______ movement was originally an important spiritual practice within Hinduism that’s now been adopted in the West as a form of exercise. a. yoga b. hugging c. chanting d. All of the above. 24. New religions usually offer either a __________ message. a. progressivist-reform b. purist-reform c. All of the above. d. None of the above. 25. In __________ Movements, participants claim a special connection with beings from the spiritual realm. a. Import b. Goddess c. Reactive d. Spirit

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