A taxonomy, put simply, is a defined method for identifying and classifying things. Applied to a hig

A taxonomy, put simply, is a defined method for identifying and classifying things. Applied to a high risk organization, taxonomies are used to identify and classify things that are unsafe and that need attention. For example, if you review the reading on HFACS, which is a classification system, you’ll see how a general category, “Unsafe Acts,” is broken down into “Errors” and “Violations.” That is an important distinction to make according to the HFACS taxonomy, and each one is broken down even further.


Taxonomies are useful tools, but they need to be well defined. In this activity consider the previous scenario of taking a drive in a modern car through a busy street in 1890. For this assignment create a list of a few categories and sub categories that you could use to create a taxonomy. TEM provides a simple example that is easy to use by identifying threats, errors, and undesired aircraft states. You could adapt this model, or you could classify events based on interactions with pedestrians, trains, or other automobiles. Would you classify events based on locations such as residential areas or highways? In addition explain how other drivers could use this taxonomy as they embark on adventures in their own automobiles. Finally, consider how you would go about using your defined taxonomy in order to increase safety.

Grading 10 Points – List and explain at least three categories. You can include sub categories if needed for clarification, but you don’t need to.

20 Points – Provide examples for each category in your taxonomy and provide sufficient detail that someone else could also use your taxonomy.

15 Points – Describe how you would implement the use of your taxonomy. Remember that taxonomies are used for classification, which is mainly for gathering information. Just gathering information will not improve safety, you have to use it somehow.

5 Points – Your response is well written and free of any significant grammatical or spelling errors.

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