critical review DescriptionPlease prepare a 6-8 page (12Font/double-space/APA style) critical review

critical review

DescriptionPlease prepare a 6-8 page (12Font/double-space/APA style) critical review paper. Follow the guidelines and instructions below for this assignment.


Choose one of the four pre-selected articles for your critical review assignment.
Familiarize yourself with how to write a critical literature review. See below for some general guidelines but also review/read other critical reviews online to familiarize yourself with style and content.
Your review essay should also include 3-5 additional scholarly references to help build and substantiate your points. These must be books and/or academic journal articles (note: course readings and lectures can be included but do not count as your 3-5 additional scholarly sources).

Choose only one of the following articles for this assignment:
Article #1:

Dr. Asifa Quereshi-Landes

“What if Sharia Weren’t the Enemy? Rethinking International Women’s Rights Advocacy on Islamic Law”


Article #2:

Dr. Homa Hoodfar

“The Veil in Their Minds and On Our Heads: The Persistence of Colonial Images of Muslim Women”


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Article #3

Dr. Sherene Razack

“Imperiled Muslim Women, Dangerous Muslim Men and Civilised Europeans: Legal and Social Responses to Forced Marriages”


Article #4

Dr. Asma Barlas

“Does the Qur’an Support Gender Equality? Or, Do I have the autonomy to answer this question?”


Guidelines for Writing the Critical Review
Some issues you may want to include in your review are:

What are the key questions/issues raised by the authors of the dossiers you have selected?
What are some of the important or overlapping themes in the articles?
What are some of the author’s basic assumptions or concepts?
Outline points where you agree or disagree with the author’s analysis and provide support for your views.
Are the issues raised by the author relevant? How so? Provide examples.

…….Answer Preview……..
The Asma Barlas’ article, “Does the Quran Support Gender Equality? Or, Do I Have the Autonomy to Answer this Question” has been hailed as one of the best articles in the current times that addresses issues of gender violence, some of the things in the article makes it to fall short of what is expected.

Issues in the article

There are different issues that the author of the article addresses. One if the issues discussed is how religion can be abused. People ……….

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