evaluate suitable candidates for this prestigious internship program, RCS has asked applicants…

Assignment DescriptionLoyal Consulting Services (LCS) provides security consulting and services to over 300 clients across awide range of enterprises in Australia. A new initiative at LCS is for its two offices in Sydney andMelbourne to provide internships to students who are pursuing their postgraduate studies in reputedinstitutes in Sydney and Melbourne in the Networking domain.To evaluate suitable candidates for this prestigious internship program, RCS has asked applicants toprepare a detailed report and a presentation addressing the following sections:A. Google Dorking (maximum 600 Words)Google Dorking, or using advanced Google search techniques to find sensitive information,has been linked to “online dumpster diving.” Use Library/Internet resources to researchGoogle dorking. Based on your research address following:1. How the following advanced Google search engine operators are used:allintext, allintitle, allinurl, cache, filetype, inanchor, intest, intitle, link, site, +, |, and *2. Use at least four of the operators to create potential Google dorking searches and providediscussion with snapshots.3. Identify and discuss how easy is it for a threat actor to use Google dorking?4. Provide recommendations for users and organisations to combat Google dorking.

. ReferencesMust consider 2 current references from journal/conference papers and books.Must follow IEEE Transactions on Networking style.Note: Need to create 2-3 presentation slides and present the work.Do not use Wikipedia as a source or a reference.Make sure you properly reference any diagram/graphics used in the assignment.

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