You have completed software requirement specification (SRS) and system design…

1. Overview

You have completed software requirement specification (SRS) and system design

specification (SDS). However, uncertainty may exist with the specifications. Had the

client described their requirements accurately or did I understand the requirements

correctly? Does the input and/or output of a designed process satisfy users or is the

human-machine interaction user-friendly? Moreover, business and product

requirements often change as development processes. In these or other situations,

a prototyping paradigm offer an approach to removing the uncertainty and making

changes earlier so as to improve project productivity. The prototype is used as a

proof of concept exercise. The aim is to resolve uncertainty about:

? functional requirements

? operation sequences

? user support needs

? required representations

? the look and feel of the interface, including layout, colours, fonts

You are required to

1. design your prototype in a prototype design document,

2. code the prototype according to the design,

3. have your client/users run the prototype and collect client/users feedback, and

4. update your SRS and/SDS, if necessary.

2. Document contents and prototype features

Before coding the prototype, you should design the prototype based on your specific

aims of the prototype. You should not put the cart before the horse. For example,

don’t use screen shots of the prototype in your storyboards of the design. You can

use some components of the SDS for the prototype design, but you should not

include those that are not relevant to your prototyping aims.

The prototype design document should be complete, including:

? A title that is specific for your software

? A brief description of the software

? Descriptions of your prototyping objectives and individual design items

? A navigation map or a chart of prototype structure

? Storyboards/Screen Makeups for screen/menu or report/form design

When you design the prototype, you must consider prototype features.


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