Hello everyone! I’m an immigrant form Vietnam. I have been in US for 2 years. Now it’s time to get… 3 answers below »

I love building houses and other type of buildings. At first, I searched for the engineering then I choose Civil Engineering. However, I found that Civil Engineering deals with construction like bridges, water resources, etc., but It’s not about house and buildings. Later I knew that Architectural Engineering does stuff like house and building. I applied for a university as a pre-engineering so that I have to finish my major in other university which does not offer Architectural Engineering. It has only CIvil engineering, and that is a problem. My question: Is Architectural Engineering a small major of Civil Engineering or it’s different? Is that right if I like to build houses I have to go for AE?? The fact that I don’t want to work with bridges or things like that. Please answer my question because I thought I made wrong decision.

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