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Module 3 Project –Designing Group Policy Strategy


ACME Widgets is a multinational corporation with several divisions. ACME clients include U.S. and international manufacturers and some US military contractors. ACME Widgets hired you as a consultant to design the Active Directory logical diagram.

ACME Corporate structure:

• ACME Navigation – the largest division, is involved in design and manufacture of electronic components used in navigation and guidance systems.

• ACME IC– this division’s mission is to design and manufacture custom IC (integrated circuits) and specialty chips as a subcontractor to OEMs.

• ACME Software – this division provided outsourcing software development services.

ACME logical network organization

ACME Widgets corporate entity has been setup as a forest root domain. The name was registered as an external DNS name. All internal divisions have been setup as child domains of the Forest Root domain

Project Deliverables

Complete the following project objectives.

1. In the table of GP setting below complete the missing information in each row. The columns in the table represent the following information.

a. Specify the Group Policy Setting name and path (or location) where this setting can be found in the Group Policy Management tool.

b. Specify where the GPOs should be applied (linked): Local Computer (L), Domain (D), OU (O), or Site (S) level in the Active Directory logical organization.

c. Specify if the policy is applied to Computer (C) or User (U) or both (B) settings.

d. Specify if the policy should be Enabled (E), Disabled (D) or Not configured (N). For Auditing, specify No Auditing (N), Success (S), or Failure (F) or Both (B) should be audited.

e. Which Administrator Group should be responsible for setting up this policy: Enterprise Admins (E), Domain Admins (D), Local Computer Administrator (L)

f. Explanations of what this policy does and examples explaining how this policy setting may help secure ACME network. If you recommend that the policy is Not Configured, then explain why it is so.

For example:

• if you are presented with the information in the first column (a), then you must complete the information in the remaining columns b, c, d, e, and f.

• If you are given the information in the column (f and c), then you should research the name and location (path) of the group policy and complete information in columns a, b, d, and e. Update practical example (column f) where appropriate.


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