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Assessment 2 – Annotated Bibliography (Graded) Over the course of the semester, you will research a topic of your choice. It is somehow recommended that you link this with your intended future course of study, in order to familiarise yourself with the research material and texts common to your chosen field. You will be guided through the process of either developing a new or analysing an existing research question in the tutorials, and this assessment is designed to help you locate and recognise quality resources that will enable you to build a logical, cohesive and thorough academic argument. Therefore, by using the pre-existing or research question you have developed in Week 2 tutorials, you will begin to search for research from peer reviewed, academic sources suitable for university level study. If you decide to create your own research question, you must review your topic with your tutor in the Week 3 tutorial, to ensure that it is suitable for this assessment. You must state your chosen research question clearly in this assessment. For this assessment you must select three (3) peer reviewed academic resources; such as articles from a scholarly journal or book chapters. Using the template available here, you are required to produce annotated bibliographies for each resource (i.e. 3 annotated bibliographies). Each annotated bibliography should be 300 words in length +/- 10%. This annotated bibliography requires you to: • Record publishing details in order to make reliable referencing entry • Identify the main argument/point of the text • Identify the important content of the resource for your research topic • List any paraphrases that will be useful for your topic Please see two recent student completed examples (used with permission) from previous students in the course available here and here to get a clear idea of what is expected in each individual annotated bibliography. Please note these two examples are from actual past students so are not 100% perfect (nothing really is) but are quality D-HD examples that can assist students. Also, this document should offer you a step-by-step Annotated bibliography writing guidance. In addition, Dino, who is working on his Chocolate research, recorded his progress with writing Annotation Bibliography assignment. You can access this recording by checking this link. Finally, it is important to check if your assignment writing is in line with its feedback form. Please note: the word count will be determined by the following 3 sections: Summary of resource main argument, Key points and Paraphrase. All other sections are not included in the word count. For an academic assignment you must aim to be within 10% of the required word count (i.e. as 10% of 300 words is 30 words, you should have a maximum of 330 words and a minimum of 270 words for each annotated bibliography). If necessary, it is OK to go over word limit if it is for further benefit of Assignments 3 & 4 writings. For this assignment, you must engage with quality peer-reviewed academic sources, so you must use book chapters or academic journal articles, unless you have checked with your tutor for permission that the text you have chosen meets the standard of academic writing required for this assignment. Please note that each of your 3 chosen academic resources should be published in 2010 or later (2010-20 year range). The length of chosen resources should ideally be 3 pages or more. Late submissions will be penalised by 5% per day (including weekends).

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