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Assignment 2: Sampling Operational Knowledge Management

Before you begin conducting interviews for your project, you need to decide the methodology you will use for your survey. To begin, complete the following tasks. Your deliverable for this module should not exceed a two-page paper.

1. Determine your sampling technique

Specify the population you are studying. Then determine your sampling frame: Random or non-randomized. If you choose a random sample, please describe the technique you will use. Come up with some justifications for why it would or would not be appropriate to use each method. Specify your inclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting your sample.

2. Determine a sample size

Determine your target sample size based on costs, time, precision, and the desire to reduce possible sampling error.

3. Choose a Survey Technique

Choose a survey technique for collecting your data (personal, phone, mail, or online). Justify why or how you determined that this would be the best method for you to use. Explain steps you will take to help limit obtaining a biased sample and high participant non-response rates.

  • What setting (where?) will you use for the interviews? What advance preparation will you need to make? How will you begin?

Think about whether the method you are considering using would really allow you to answer your research question. Please discuss steps you will take to ensure reliability and validity.

4. Design the Interview

While drawing the sample, you decided whether your survey will be structured or unstructured and whether you would conduct individual or group interviews. Depending on your choice, you will use the following strategies:

  • Structured interviews are conducted with a predetermined list of questions.
  • Unstructured interviews usually use conversational style with a list of key themes.
  • Individuals should not be influenced in what they say by the presence of others.
  • Group interviews are unified and then the interviewees exchange ideas or issues.

By Tuesday, September 12, 2017, submit this to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources. Your assignment should be submitted in Microsoft Word using 12 pt font.

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