The aim of the research proposal is to persuade readers that you have: a valuable research… 1 answer below »

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3,000-Word Research Proposal Instructions and Presentation Template

Students are required to develop a research proposal worth 3,000 words (
a minimum of 2, 975 words and a maximum of 3,025 words) excluding tables, figures and references. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the course coordinator before embarking on the research proposal, and get assistance
early in the Semester.

Relevant lectures (4, 5, 6 and 10) will comprehensively cover methods of writing an effective research proposal, and a
successful research proposal will need to follow these principles closely.

The aim of the research proposal is to persuade readers that you have:

  • a valuable research project;
  • a good understanding of the relevant literature and the major issues;
  • a sound methodology; and
  • the skills and the work-plan to complete the proposed research project.

A research proposal should include all the major elements entailed in the research process and contain adequate information for readers to assess the proposed study.

It is likely that you will build your 3,000-word research proposal on the 750-word research proposal topic you have submitted earlier. However, you must clearly refer to your work in the specific places of the 3,000-word. DO NOT JUST SAY THAT IT BUILDS ON THE 750-WORD DOCUMENT AND CUT AND PASTE IN CHUNKS. Citation of your work in the text should be as follows: (Your surname, 2019, p. ?): Example (Anthony, 2019, p. 3).

You need to include your 750-word document as in your list of references as follows (as an example):

Anthony, J. (2019). Food security in India: Achievements and challenges. A 750-word research proposal topic submitted for ECON7950 (Research Methods in Economics).

Note: Please read PPL 3.60.04 – section 2[e] regarding “submitting the same work or recycled work without prior permission of the course coordinator” very carefully.

Exercise utmost caution in using your own and other people’s work. The similarity index must not exceed 10%.

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