Electronic Commerce Cycles MYOB Assignment – Assessment of Learning Outcomes Knowledge and Technical

Electronic Commerce Cycles MYOB Assignment –

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Technical Skills – Demonstrate and apply integrated and advanced discipline and professional practice knowledge, including knowledge of relevant research principles and methods.

Higher Order Thinking Skills – Critically investigate real world business issues and problems drawing on analysis, evaluation and synthesis of discipline knowledge, including theory and practice.

Assessment Purpose

This assignment is an individual assessment assessing your learning from the MYOB tutorials and Pabst & Perrin text by completing the February transactions and end of month processing. Accuracy of accounting information is important and the marking will be based on correct entries.


Jeff is an engineer working for RoadTrans. On the 12 February he sends an email to the Purchasing Department requesting them to order a MacBook Pro. Julie, the Purchasing Officer creates a purchase order in MYOB for the MacBook Pro and sends it to the Apple Store. Two weeks later the Apple Store sends Julie an invoice for the MacBook Pro which Julie enters into MYOB (converting the order to a bill). She notices that the Apple Store is giving 5% discount if RoadTrans pays within 7 days. As an astute employee Julie prepares the bank transfer and submits it to John, the Financial Controller for final approval.

John takes his responsibilities seriously and checks if Jeff has a budget for this purchase, which he hasn't so he rejects the payment. John then contacts Jeff's boss, Justine to discuss. Justine said she had no knowledge of Jeff's purchase and when she questions Jeff he says that he hasn't received the MacBook Pro so all is OK.


1. Draw a Process Map (see Lecture 7) for the above case.

2. Identify the major 2 control issues and suggest a solution. Your solution should state what control activity(s) it uses (See Lecture 3).

3. Draw an updated Process Map with your solutions included.

Assignment link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sx2mjowt4jxe8n/Assignment%26Lectures.rar?dl=0.

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