review and comment on at least two peers’ responses: Explore alternative methods of completing t

review and comment on at least two peers' responses:

  1. Explore alternative methods of completing the assignment.
  2. Recommend solutions for the challenges experienced.

Work by Emily

I love Adobe InDesign! I love that you can link photos and graphics to the InDesign document, instead of having the images embedded in the design. It's so flexible and there's so many options to complete quick edits when needed. I learned how to create page guidelines for laying out a page design. I also learned the importance of creating layers, something that I have never done in InDesign. I knew how to place images in a layout on this program, but I didn't know that there were options to “fit content proportionally”, “fit content to frame”, etc. So I utilized these in my changes version. I also learned how to align objects with the align window. The only thing that I do not like in this program, is that you have to choose high quality for display performance when first launching the program. My opinion is that it should already be set to high quality no matter what. But that's just my opinion.

For my changes, I deleted the background image and placed a new one. I deleted the photos on the right side of the layout and added new ones with a different shaped frame. I deleted the text that was at the top left of the page and used the text box tool to create two new text boxes, one for the main title, and another for a short phrase. I centered the text closer to the center of the page. I also used the guidelines when aligning my 3 photos. I made sure that the text was legible against the background. 

I think this program is the easiest out of all Adobe programs to use, mainly because everything seems to be so straightforward. 

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