With this activity you will develop your analysis of a TED talk https://tedcom/talks/mandy_len_catro

With this activity you will develop your analysis of a TED talk https://tedcom/talks/mandy_len_catron_falling_in_love_is_the_easy_part?


Presenter: Mandy Len Catron FYI: TED Talks was selected because each speech video should have enough depth or substance, and

video quality to allow close viewing and analysis

Listen to the presentation several times, paying close attention to how the individual uses non-verbal

communication, composes sentences, and organizes thoughts, etc Use the outline below to structure

your analysis:

1 Purpose: General and specific purpose (and implied if different from stated purpose)

2 Non-verbal delivery

1 Movement in Your Speech

2 Visual Aids

3 Strategies for Success

1 Pathos: tone, emphasis, engagement

2 Logos: clarity, conciseness, arrangement

3 Ethos: credibility, expectation, reference

4 Style

1 Appeals (to emotions, logic, ethos)

2 Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery)

3 Use of language, word choices (diction)

4 Passive or active voice

5 Simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences

5 Oral strategies and tactics

1 Music

2 Volume

3 Speech patterns (articulation, intonation, emphasis)

4 Other sound effects

Develop your analysis using the variables in all 5 of the areas above Make sure you develop your

arguments and ideas thoroughly

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