1. A radio station gives free hats to audience members at a rock concert. This form of advertising i

1. A radio station gives free hats to audience members at a rock concert. This form of advertising is known as an advertisingA.premium.C.sample.B.specialty.D.contest.2. A grocery store places a wall unit filled with Christmas cookie baking ingredients on the flour aisle. This is an example of _______ advertising.A.P-O-PB.premiumC.transitD.riding-the-boards3. Against the plain white background of a large billboard is a picture of a woman walking arm-in-arm with a man, though the man is only partially visible. The logo and name of a perfume appear prominently in the lower right corner of the billboard. The copy reads, “Entre Nous, the scent of a special woman. Are you that woman?” What’s wrong with this advertisement?A.There are too many words in the copy.B.The perfume container isn’t visible.C.The man should be pictured completely.D.The background is too plain.4. Jim, a salesperson for a sports equipment manufacturer, receives a Caribbean cruise from the company in reward for his high sales record. This illustratesA.merchandise allowances.C.push money.B.incentives.D.frequency programs.5. Kitty Kat Chow is sponsoring a pet adoption fair with a local humane society. The newspaper advertisement for the event includes the Kitty Kat Chow logo. This is an example ofA.cooperative advertising.C.vertical cooperative advertising.B.event sponsorship.D.push strategies.6. A soup company offers an educational CD for $2.00 with the purchase of a can of soup. This example illustrates aA.price-off deal.B.trial offer.C.self-liquidating premium.D.consumer market sales promotion.7. A television show features a character using a Sony laptop computer. This promotional technique is known as A. media coordination.C.product placement.B.mobile sampling.D.trade-market sales.8. A soft drink company places redemption points for merchandise on beverage labels.This sales promotion is an example of aA.rebate.C.premium.B.frequency program.D.push strategy.
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9. A wirelessphonecompanythat sponsors an outdoor concert expects to receive both direct contact with consumers and opportunities forA.media coverage.C.merchandise allowances.B.repeat sales.D.brandplacement.10. A cosmetic company offers a free perfume sample to customers who call a toll-free number. This marketing strategy illustratesA.direct mail.C.direct response.B.telemarketing.D.frequency marketing.11. P-O-P advertising is one of the fastest-growing categories in today’s advertising marketplace because ofA.parallel growth in the retail sector.B.myriad options in P-O-P technology.C.how the growth in support media always outpaces growth in other forms of advertising.D.the positive effect P-O-P advertising has been shown to have on product sales.12. To identify a company’s best customers in its marketing database, you should use a/an A. frequency-marketing analysis.C.list enhancement.B.RFM analysis.D.direct marketing.13. There are several specific objectives that sales promotion can accomplish. When a firm wants to stimulate _______ purchases, sales-promotion tools can help reduce the consumer’s risk of trying something new.A.trialC.largerB.repeatD.group14. Wendy’s Hamburger Restaurants promote the XXXXX XXXXX Foundation for Adoption. This is an example of _______ advertising.A.advocacyC.corporate imageB.cause-relatedD.public relations15. You work for a company that manufactures large appliances, like refrigerators and stoves. In an effort to move your product, you offer a hundred dollars to any retail salesperson who can sell 10 of your appliances in a week. This is an example of a/anA.sweepstakes.C.slotting fee.B.allowance.D.incentive.
16. A _______ requires a consumer to pay most of the cost of an item received as a premium.A.complimentary premiumC.self-liquidating premiumB.price-off dealD.trial offer17. Several hundred children sustained injuries while riding scooters manufactured by Lindsay Toys. The company should make use of a/anA.proactive public relations strategy.B.advocacy advertising campaign.C.reactive public relations program.D.corporate image advertisement.18. Powerful retailers are demanding cash payments from manufacturers for access to shelf space. These payments are known asA.inducement fees.C.merchandise allowances.B.slotting fees.D.co-op advertising fees.19. The one characteristic that makes direct marketing different from marketing in general is thatA.the success of direct marketing is ultimately determined by consumer response.B.direct marketing relies on audience segmentation.C.direct marketing typically has a lower cost per contact.D.direct marketing has an emphasis on developing a database.

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