CASE STUDY #2 (20 Points) “Baltimore Police Department Drops CompStat” Due Date: March (According to

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CASE STUDY #2 (20 Points) “Baltimore Police Department Drops CompStat”

Due Date: March

(According to the April 9, 2010, Baltimore Sun Newspaper article: “the concept has become a national law enforcement standard . . . but the meetings have been criticized by some officers who say they often evolve into browbeating. Commanders often take a day or more to compile thick binders of information and are holed up for hours memorizing fact so as not to be caught off-guard.” CompStat is short for Computer Statistics or Comparative Statistics that the New York City Police Department developed during the 1990s as a new business management philosophy or organizational management tool to map crime activity to create strategies that would reduce crime, improve quality of life while effectively applying resource management. CompStat has been utilized in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and many other cities. However, CompStat has failed in Baltimore, MD. Why?

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Based on your literature review and research regarding the use of CompStat in Baltimore, MD and the concepts of CompStat (resources such as , Police Executive Forum and Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance “COMPSTAT: Its Origins, Evolution, and Future in Law Enforcement Agencies.” available at and Department of Justice “CompStat and Community Policing: Are they Compatible? available at ) can get you started on your research and analysis of why CompStat did not work in Baltimore, MD

Your Case Study should provide the background regarding the genus of CompStat and apply research and analysis methodologies to assess the relevance of CompStat as an intelligence-led law enforcement management tool. You should also identify CompStat’s strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations as to how CompStat could have succeeded in Baltimore, MD. Provide your analysis and recommendations in a 2-3 pages [single space, ‘Times New Roman’ font] report summarizing their assessments and recommendations.

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