-Research products the market that are Cither in surplus or in Shortage and prow;de proof… 1 answer below »

-Research products the market that are Cither in surplus or in Shortage and prow;de proof andevidence of shifters that led to this situation. Then, analyze the consequences that will occurafterwards. A newsletter should be prepared with a clear headline i.e. “WARNING TISSUES INSHORTAGE”. You can find samples Of newsletter in pages on your ipads. So the purpose Of the projectis creating headlines for a shortage or a surplus of a certain product and then informing people of whatled to this and what will the consequence be in a form Of a newspaper. Newsletter should be of 3pages minimum.a, A very clear headline that addresses your audience with clear understanding of what the topic isb. A header with the date you Will ßsue the newsletter and the narne ofyour newspaper cornpanv.Includes brief description of a surplus and a shortage, and the market you have chosen to research bvanswering the following questions:a. When might a surplus or a shortage occur?b. What market will you talk about? (i.e. automobiles — burgers —tissues…)C. IS this market in surplus or in shortage? HOW did you know?Adding pictures and graphics will attract people more to your content.

a. and Evidence:Provide evidence that the product is in actual shortage o’ surpkas.Evidence can be pictures from the shops, articles. news, government announcements orbusiness publications.A” evidence should quoted cited (you should mention the Source where you got yourinformation to make it trustable for your audience).b. Causes (determinants of demand and supply/ shifters):Inform your audience What caused this surplus or this shortage.Explain to them using the concepts covered in chapters 4 and 5 on what caused demand orsupply to change (increase/ decrease).Example: shortage in tissues is due to consurrwr Consumers Me expecting thesupply Of tissues to decrease due to the situation Of corona virus so they increased theirdemand causing shortages in the market (you can provide empty shelves pictures from themarket. )

The final page should be informing the audience what to expect next after the shortage orSurplus. Explain for the readers what are expected.If there is surplus. Will there be discounts and promotions? Is there proof for that?If there is shortage, is there any sign Of price increase? Or new producers entering the manetto cover the unmet demand? Can you provide evidence for that?Finalize your newsletter by a small paragraph to Summarize and make a general conclusionabout the topic.

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