Write down the correct alphabet which represents your choice of correct answer for each question…

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Instructions: Write down the correct alphabet which represents your choice of correct answer

for each question. Kindly submit individually.

1. The tendency of objects to resist a change in motion is called:

a. Friction

b. Velocity

c. Inertia

d. Acceleration

e. Gravity

2. The force required to maintain a body at constant velocity in free space is equal to:

a. The mass of the body

b. Zero

c. The weight of the body

d. The force required to stop it

e. None of these.

3. In the absence of air resistance, a boulder and a pebble dropped from rest will fall with equal:

a. Momenta

b. Accelerations

c. Kinetic energies

d. …all these.

4. The reason that this quantity is not greater for the heavier boulder than for the lighter pebble is


a. Both the boulder and the pebble fall at the same speed.

b. The initial potential energies of each is the same.

c. Gravitational force acting on each is the same.

d. The greater gravitational force on the boulder acts on a correspondingly greater mass.

5. In which case would you have the largest mass of gold? If your chunk of gold weighed 1 N on


a. Moon

b. Earth

c. Planet Jupiter

d. ….would be the same on each.

6. This is because:

a. On the moon a greater mass of gold is required for the gravitational force to equal 1 N.

b. Weight and mass are directly proportional to each other.

c. Gravitational force per mass is greatest on the most massive planet.

7. If an 800-N man hangs motionless from 4 vertical strands of rope, then the tension in each

strand of rope is:

a. 0 N

b. 200 N

c. 400 N

d. 800 N

8. A 100-newton sack of potatoes falls from an airplane. As the velocity of fall increases, the air

resistance acting on the falling sack also increases. When air resistance equals 100 N, the

acceleration of the sack will be:

a. Zero

b. 4.9 m/s2

c. 9.8 m/s2

d. 100 m/s2


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