Impact of TechnologiesResourcesThe scope of qualitative studies includes the investigation of percep

Impact of TechnologiesResourcesThe scope of qualitative studies includes the investigation of perception and live experience, as you have learned from your readings.For this discussion, you will:Locate a qualitative study on one of the areas of patient or staff impact listed below, such as satisfaction or efficiencies in care. Only one study on one topic is required, but the study needs to be qualitative in nature.Make your selection from this topic list.Impact/effect/perception of communications technology such as call centers, telemedicine, hand-held devices (phones, Blackberry, voice-activated systems) on care or satisfaction.Impact/effect/perception of information systemssuch as Internet/Intranet information or searches, online access to records and information by consumers, electronic health records, computers.impact/effect/perception of patient care technologies (bedside care technologies, self-administration of p.r.n. medications, monitoring).Address the questions below based on the article you have selected:What elements of the study design made it “qualitative” in nature?Of what value were the results of the study? Who would utilize that information (bedside nurses, nurse managers, nurse researchers, other staff, administrators, patients, families)?What suggestions do you have for the next study that would follow this one to ensure that a study with more rigors (for example, a quantitative study) could be performed?Your initial post should be about 150 words. Use at least one APA-formatted reference and that can be a text, any assigned readings, or a reference you find on your own through the Capella Library.Response GuidelinesReview the discussion posts and respond to at least one other learner. What new information can you take away from the discussion post? Response post should be about 75 words and is not required to be APA referenced, but may be.

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