In the appendix to this lab sheet and as support materials on Moodle there are two transcripts of…


a) In the appendix to this lab sheet and as support materials on Moodlethere are two transcripts of Turing Tests. On the left of each transcriptis the interaction between the judge and one hidden entity and on theright is the interaction between the judge and the second hiddenentity. These interactions happen at the same time.

Review the two Turing Test transcripts and analyse the question-answer sequences between a human interrogator and two hiddenentities in two different simultaneous comparison Turing tests fromactual Turing test experiments (Transcript One – 2008 loebner Prize at Reading University; Transcript Two – Turing100 at Bletchley Park in 2012).

Explain if your feel that the hidden entities in these two transcribesmeet Turing’s criteria of answering the Interrogators questions in asatisfactory manner. (up to 100 word)

Please explain in up to 50 words whether the hidden entities in thesetwo transcripts being questioned in parallel by the humaninterrogator, are:

One human and one machine? If so, which is which (leftlright)? Two humans? Two machines?

b) If you created a ChatBot, what strategy would you use to convincethe judge that they are talking to a human? You should give at least 2 example responses to human input based on your strategy. Thehuman inputs could be: “How are you?”, “What year is it?”, “Whereare you?”, “Are you a robot?”, Are you human?’ (Up to 50 word)

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