You have been approached to create two storefront websites for a storefront in Brisbane…. 1 answer below »

You have been approached to create two storefront websites for a storefront in Brisbane. Your choice will be

the same choice you made as per your Assignment 1 and 2 works. You must create the websites to be as

realistic as possible for a normal organisation.

The organisation has requested two websites: A public website with information about the organisation and an

internal website that members of the organisation will use for day-to-day management. For assignment 3, you

are now tasked to create the internal website.

This assignment is part of a running scenario for all assignments in this subject, where the Brisbane storefront

will continue to be your client. Please also refresh your memory regarding the additional background information

provided previously in Assignments 1 and 2.

The tasks of this assignment are organised as follows. Tasks 1-5 first describe the functional requirements of

the website, regarding what each of the web pages will do. Then Tasks 6-10 describe the non-functional

requirements regarding the behaviour of all parts of your solution. Note that some of the non-functional

requirements have similarities to Assignment 2, so please read these carefully in particular.

Task 1: Home (index.aspx)

The home page is the entry point for the website. As this is the first page that will be viewed by the

staff, it should be designed in an attractive manner.

The home page includes a GridView control that has a list of Purchases. The data will be taken from

a XML data file and populated in the grid via the data binding technique. The fields will be for the

following data: id, full name, email address, product name, unit price, quantity. Note that the value

of the id field must always be unique. A sample data file with dummy data can be downloaded from

where you obtained this assignment document. You must include a copy of the data file in your

submission. You must also demonstrate your familiarity in working with the data file format by

modifying and/or extending the data.

The home page also includes a Label control with a one-sentence summary about the following:

number of “big orders” (i.e.: quantity of 10 or more). Your data file should therefore have a mixture

of records to make this output meaningful.

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