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i need only1-introduction page and halfand page and half for2-background3-abstracti will provide two files for more info

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Guideline for writing Assignment Details The group deliverable will be a formal technical report. Use a formal report template. It is expected that work from the previous assignments will be incorporated and expanded upon as appropriate in this formal proposal. You must review the problem definition and the proposed approach at a minimum with your academic advisor as well as your industrial mentor(s) prior to submitting this report. An updated timeline and task breakdown is required, as well as team member contributions to date. Please include this in the Appendix. Provide an electronic (via Blackboard) and hardcopy on or prior to the due date. It is not required to use the document and presentation templates that have been provided, but review them as information is presented on formatting the document, text, figures, tables and references. Use the appendices for reference material. Use figures and tables to assist the reader with understanding the content. An example for Appendix material would be the data that was used for a graph inside the body of the report. ________________________________________________________________ This proposal should consist of the following: Front Cover (Title Page): ??Project title (The proposed report title is to be brief but descriptive of the project on which you are working). ??Team o List all group members ??Name ??e-mail ??ID# ??signatures o Name of the group leader ??Mentor(s): o company name o address o direct contact name and contact information ?? Faculty Supervisor ?? Due Date Sample Main Section Headings: ABSTRACT OR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TABLE OF CONTENTS Instructors: LIST OF TABLES LIST OF FIGURES LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS (as appropriate) LIST OF SYMBOLS (as appropriate) INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND DESIGN METHODOLOGIES (to date) ANALYSIS, SYNTHESIS, AND TESTING (to date) EXPECTED RESULTS / DELIVERABLES NEXT STEPS REFERENCES APPENDICES Updated task list & timeline Team Member Contributions Summary (not a…

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