You will design and propose a scientific research project. You are not redoing or repeating an…

You will design and propose a scientific research project. You are not redoing or repeating an existing experiment, but trying to come up with a relatively new experiment. We are trying to think like scientists as we gain an understanding of how the scientific method works in practice! We will be using GoogleSlides to create the presentation, though you will not be doing a formal “presentation” to the class. You will be doing a peer-review with other members of the class through an on-line workshop. The format is to make it easier for me to see how your project evolved. The presentation should: • be of a reasonable font size with slides that are not too crowded, indicating “cutting and pasting”. I should not see huge paragraphs of text EXCEPT in the Abstract. • contain bulleted lists and phrases, be free of grammar and spelling mistakes, and be well organized and well written. Because you may not have had recent experience with designing a study, it will be helpful for you to find research papers describing experiments that have already been done. You should use the EBSCO on-line database search to find full-text articles and place a pdf of the articles in the database. The abstract is not enough. A minimum of 2 scientific articles are required. One of the articles should describe a scientific study (e.g., Contain a sample, data, results). The other may be a review article or another study. If you can’t find one in a peer-reviewed journal, contact me for help. I prefer peer-reviewed journals because the science has been verified in some way. Remember, I want you to come up with an original experiment, one that is not in any of these 2 research papers. You are not redoing an experiment already done. You are using your research as a springboard to propose a new study.

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