What is a social story and what are the researched justifications that support using Social…


Introduction – 300 words

What is a social story and what are the researched justifications that support using Social Stories to support

children in early learning environments? You will need to draw on references and connections to the EYLF to

support this perspective.


Hypothetical Focus Child – 300 words

Provide a succinct insight into the child’s needs. The information here will lead into the development of your

social story. This section of your submission should provide relevant, child centred information that is

important in informing your social story.


Social Story – 500 words

Provide an illustrated example of a Social story that you would use to support a hypothetical focus child. Use

Crozier and Tincani (2007) as a model on which to frame this example.

This Social Story should be child centred and include text and graphics to share the key messages of your social



Reflection and Justification – 500 words

Reflect on the value of Social Stories, alongside other inclusion strategies to support diverse learners.

Drawing on your peer feedback, the subject content and contemporary research in respect to early inclusion

reflect on the use of Social Stories to support diverse learners. Here you can refer back to aspects of your

submission that highlight informed practice and also explain what other strategies you would use to support

learning. Families will be an important consideration here.

All aspects of your submission need to be referenced according to APA6 and reflect the wide reading that you

have engaged in during this subject.

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