Q. 1.Explain principle of effective advertising for different markets. Q. 2. Explain principle…

Q. 1.Explain principle of effective advertising for different markets.Q. 2. Explain principle and purpose of advertising, consumer behavior, and influences on buyer behavior.Q. 3. Outline and describe ethical requirements minimum( three 3) relevant to the advertising industry.Q. 4. Define what is meant by industry, services, products and organisation.Q. 5. Describe the information typically contained with advertising briefs.Q. 6. Identify the organizational products and services of your workplace. If you do not have a workplace you may use simulated business Bounce Fitness to answer the question. Please refer to the following link:Infrastructure tab/ Current Projects/ Bounce Fitness Products and Services.Q. 7. Identify and explain the key provisions of:One relevant legislation.One code of practice andOne national standard affecting the business operations of Bounce Fitness, particularly their advertising activities.

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