Prepare an analysis and critique of a current debate and sub-topic in contemporary…

Assessment 2:Literature Analysis & Critique

Task:Prepare an analysis and critique of a current debate and sub-topic in contemporary entrepreneurship research. Present your finding to the class, and lead discussion of your research stream.

Main topic is -Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Under this main topic there are five journal articles are assigned –

as a starting point to discuss elements of this research stream.

  1. Alvarez, S. A., & Barney, J. B. (2007). Discovery and creation: alternative theories of entrepreneurial action. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 1(1-2), 11–26.
  2. Davidsson, P. (2015). Entrepreneurial opportunities and the entrepreneurship nexus: A re-conceptualization. Journal of Business Venturing, 30(5), 674–695.
  3. Shane, S. (2012). Reflections on the 2010 AMR decade award: Delivering on the promise of entrepreneurship as a field of research. Academy of Management Review, 37(1), 10–20.
  1. Shane, Scott, & Venkataraman, S. (2000). The Promise of Entrepreneurship As a Field of Research. The Academy of Management Review, 25(1), 217–226.
  1. Venkataraman, S., Sarasvathy, S. D., Dew, N., & Forster, W. R. (2012). reflections on the 2010 “amr” decade award: whither the promise? moving forward with entrepreneurship as a science of the artificial. The Academy of Management Review, 37(1), 21–33.

For each topic the articles – cover some core areas of research activity and relevant results; common threads and may represent a partial accumulation of research based knowledge; or they might highlight a divergence in argued positions. Please review these articles and discuss the reasons for (and the veracity of) any divergent claims made by these authors regarding their debated topic; or identify and elaborate on areas where of research foci and findings converge or are in agreement.

Based on your review and analysis of these articles, you are required to take a position – either on one side or the other of a debate, or be able to conceptualise and draw connections between papers. Please motivate your response based on the literature and provide support using other scholarly resources. Discuss any limitations of, or conditions for your findings. As part of leading the discussion during teaching intensive two you will be expected to either present your ideas to class across each of the original five papers that seed your specific topic or select one of these particular papers to focus on present as if your own. I have choose 3rd article pls give more analysis and critique for this.

Scope:This assessment item is designed to cover the review, analysis and critique of a series of journal articles regarding a single topic or academic debate in entrepreneurship.

Length and Presentation:The body of the literature analysis report should at minimum be 1500 words. Appendices may be used for supporting documents or summary tables of analysis to the extent that is appropriate. All reference material must be correctly cited and referenced in APA style.

Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:

  • Analysis & critique – Competent analysis and appropriate critique of the research articles provided.
  • Theory & support – Demonstrated use of relevant resources and theory including synthesis of associated literature to support arguments.

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