OBJECTIVE For students to research and analyse a current and topical issue in Taxation. ISSUE FOR…

For students to research and analyse a current and topical issue in Taxation.

ISSUE FOR RESEARCH: Tax Avoidance Taskforce

The ATO Tax Avoidance Taskforce scrutinises the tax affairs of multinational enterprises, large public and private groups and wealthy individuals operating in Australia. Its role is to ensure these entities pay the right amount of tax, according to law. Achieving this will increase the trust and confidence of the Australian community and other stakeholders in the ATO's effectiveness and the integrity of the tax system (ATO tax Avoidance Website).

(i) Fully discuss the role and purpose of the Tax Avoidance Taskforce using examples to highlight your discussion.
(ii) Fully discuss any supporting legislative measures and compliance programs that have been adopted by the ATO to assist the Taskforce.
(iii) Critically analyse whether the role of the Taskforce can achieve it's main objectives and make appropriate recommendations on what measures you would implement to combat tax avoidance in Australia.

Presentation is an important feature of any Research report. The following guide to presentation gives a general outline to report writing.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (should not exceed 300 words) Introduction and Purpose
– State aims of the research report
– Outline contents of research report
– Sources of data
Body of the Report
– Analysis and discussion of issues
– Interpretation and discussion of data
– Summary of your analysis and interpretation; findings and results of your work
– Include raw data, charts and tables that are not essential to be included in the body of your report
– Calculations used or referred to
– References used

The following link will provide you with useful guidance for how to write and structure a research report.

– Groups must present the main findings from their research including a critical analysis of the issues involved. All members of the Group must be part of the presentation.
– Presentation is limited to 20 minutes per group.
– Presentation will be via use of ppt slides.

The assignment must be submitted as a group. A group may consist of up to 3 students. A group project is the collective responsibility of the entire group, and if one member is temporarily unable to contribute, the group should be able to reallocate responsibilities to keep to schedule. In the event of longer-term illness, other serious problems involving a member of a project group or where equal contributions are not forthcoming and this cannot be resolved by the students themselves, it is the responsibility of the other members to make the project supervisor aware of the situation straight away.

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