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1.Each student must turn in their Administrative Position Paper on your

scheduled date. One letter grade will be deducted automatically for each

week a Position Paper is late.


2.The Administrative Position Paper must be no less than fifteen (15)

pages but no more than seventeen (17) pages in length. Margins which are too

wide will reduce your page count.


3.The Administrative Position Paper must be completed in a Microsoft

Word (products such as Word Pad, Word Perfect and other similar software

will not be accepted), typed and double-spaced, using font size 12 and

one-inch margins.


4.While extensive research is not the object of the Administrative

Position Paper, students shall use and list no less than fifteen (15)

different reference sources, using a standard APA** format. Multiple uses of

a single source reference will detract from your grade.


5.Students are expected to use proper grammar and punctuation.


6.Proper APA** style citations must be used.


7.Your topic for the Administrative Position Paper should be approved in

advance by the professor but it is not required.


8.No more than 15% percent of the paper can be QUOTED material.This

paper is designed to be the author’s original work.


9.The Administrative Position Paper Format must be followed.

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