there only one bag potato chips left planet earth ed and trina have found it

There is only one bag potato chips left on the planet Earth. Ed and Trina have found it on the far side of ‘look out’ mountain with 2 grams of water inside the bag. The chips were soggy. Until another source of nutrients has been discovered they must share this bag of potato chips for their survival. The discovery of another source of nutrients is expected in 5 days. Therefore, Ed and Trina must proportion the potato chips appropriately. They felt positive about their survival rate because potato chips have a reasonable amount of calories. To their surprise however, they realized upon strategy planning for survival, that as a result of a prior catastrophic drought limiting potato chip production that the biosphere temperatures were rising 1 degree Celsius per day. This information drastically changed their survival strategy. In addition, after looking in the bag only one serving was left for their consumption. Based on the potato chip label and your knowledge from chapters 1 and 2 answer the following questions. 3. How many calories will be burned by the biosphere’s heat and how much will be left? 4. If the inorganic components were removed from the remaining potato chips what value per day would be left for consumption? 6. How much fat was available for consumption upon discovery of the potato chips?

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