pressure 4 liters oxygen gas 000003 pa if we change volume 15 liters what

The pressure of 4 liters of oxygen gas is 0.00003 Pa. If we change the volume to 1.5 liters, what will the resulting pressure be? a.0008 Pa b.00003 Pa c.00008 Pa d.00001125 Pa The temperature of 18 liters of hydrogen gas is 373 K. If we change the temperature to 273 K, what will the resulting volume be? a.24.6 L b.13.2 L c.12.72 L d.12.3 L Air in a certain container has a pressure of 0.00025 Pa at a temperature of 312 K. If we change the temperature to 240 K, what will be the pressure? a.192 Pa b.0008 Pa c.000187 Pa d.000192 Pa

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