1 our society today there continues exist stigma about neurological disorders when we encoun

1. In our society today, there continues to exist a stigma about neurological disorders. When we encounter a person with Parkinson’s Disease, a spinal cord injury (paralysis), Multiple Sclerosis or other conditions, many times we feel uncomfortable and do not know what to say or do. As we learn more about why these disorders exist and how to treat or cure them, do you think this will help break down this stigma? What can we do to de-stigmatize physical challenges? 2. Federal funding for stem cell research is now available here in the United States. This means that our government is providing money to researchers who investigate whether stem cells (immature neurons, usually from frozen embryos left over from in-vitro fertilization) implanted in the brain can cure a wide range of conditions, from cancer, to diabetes, to spinal cord injuries, MS, and Parkinson’s Disease. What is your opinion about stem cell research? Keep in mind that we are presenting material from a scientific perspective in this class. You can certainly disagree philosophically with stem cell research, but try to focus on your views of whether this approach has promise for curing neurological and other physical conditions or not

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