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Watch a movie about teaching, such as “Freedom Writers”, “Dead Poet’s Society”, “Lean on Me”, or “Stand and Deliver”. The following are clips for each movie to help you decide which movie you would like to watch:

Then answer the following questions:

  1. Summarize the movie you selected to watch and discuss ways in which the teacher motivated his/her students. Using Chapter 8 of our text, describe the motivational theory employed for each of the strategies you listed.

  2. How did satisfying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs impact student learning in your selected movie? 

  3. How did the teacher in your selected movie display characteristics of a humanistic teacher? Be specific by providing examples and connecting your response to the text.

  4. Describe the ideal learning environment for you and explain how it will increase your motivation and ability to learn. What obstacles would hinder the creation of your ideal learning environment?

Let’s look briefly at the Week 4 Discussion 2 assignment. Use my tips below, the 

Discussion Forum Grading Rubric, and my comments on your previous discussion posts to help you successfully complete this assignment.

For this discussion response:

·       Watch a movie about teaching and summarize it

·       Describe different techniques the educator in the movie used to motivate students

·       Identify the motivational theories the educator used when using the techniques you described

·       Explain how satisfying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs impacted student learning in the movie and share specific examples from the movie of how students’ needs were met

·       Discuss what humanistic teaching characteristics the educator in the movie displayed (Provide specific examples from the movie and connect them to descriptions of humanistic teaching from our text.)

·       Think about yourself as a student. Describe your ideal learning environment and explain how it would increase your motivation and ability to learn

·       Give specific examples of the obstacles that could get in the way of creating your ideal learning environment


Be sure to:

·       Clearly state your answer to each question from the prompt you selected.

·       Provide evidence for your answers. (You can use quotes from scholarly sources and personal or professional experiences.)

·       Review your post for grammatical errors.


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