following are accounts and their balances may 31 2010 smith construction

Prepare the trial balance for Smith Construction as of May 31, 2010 listing the accounts in the proper order.   
Prepare the Income Statement, Statement of retained earnings and balance sheet for Smith Construction as of May 31.
These statements are for the period March, April, and May. Assume retained earnings starts at a 0 blance  
Account  Balance          
Repair expense 1,000          
cash 47,240          
Tools 1,200          
Accounts Payable 0          
Supplies 1,500          
Common Stock 41,000          
Rent Expense 2,000          
Equipment 24,000          
Dividends 3,900          
Accounts receivable 1,080          
Salary Expense 10,780          
Service Revenue 51,700          
Retained Earnings 0          

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