allen 26




22 chapter which = 6 units. approximately 4 quizzes,                                                                          1 semester final,                                                                                                                                 cornel style notes,                                                                                                                                     questions for each chapter to be answered,                                                                                videos to watch and answer questions, final exam etc.

there are deadlines throughout the course and the course has already started. 🙁 looking for someone to give me an “A” and submit on time.


will pay USD91.67 per unit (for an “A” and ontime submissions) – including quizes, exam final (6 units in total). this would be a total of USD550.00


However, will pay USD183.33 for units 1 & 2 for an A and submitted ontime ( Monday June 24th). there after I will pay USD91.67 per unit completed. Thanks!


I am in an in class math and working with a tutor so I am finding I do not have time to complete the history. 🙁


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