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In his Sonnet #126, Petrarch used many vivid details to describe the setting where he gazed upon the object of his affection, Laura. The scene in this sonnet was very beautiful and serine. Petrarch described the location that Laura was resting as paradise. (Petrarch) The location was described as next to a stream. Along the bank was grass and flowers. Above the location were shade trees. A gentle breeze blew flowers onto Laura and the area around her. I believe that Petrarch’s use of nature in this work enhanced the quality. I enjoyed reading it and I could almost imagine the place in my mind with the sounds, smells, and feelings he related.


The description of the setting and his love for it also makes readers, at least myself, reflect on places and faces in my own life.


Petrarch, Fancis. “Sonnet 126.” Puchner, Martin. The Norton Anthology World Literature, 3rd ed.”Volume C”. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2012. 1170.

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