help law class 3 essay questions 250 300 words each



Your answer to each essay question should be between 250-300 words. 


1. As science marches forward, reproductive cloning of humans will likely become a reality. It has already been accomplished with dogs, cats, cows and monkeys. This means that one day a person will be able to have a child with his/her own cells. What do you think some of the family law issues will be as this form of alternative reproduction becomes a reality?  


2. Mediation is seen as a relatively successful alternative to adversarial court proceedings when determining issues involving divorce, custody, support and property distribution. But a question remains as to whether mediation or any other form of alternative dispute resolution is appropriate in stances of alleged child abuse and neglect? Would a non-adversarial alternative dispute resolution method be more effective in accomplishing the goals of child abuse and neglect proceedings? Should the children themselves be involved?


 3.  A conflict arises when an unmarried mother seeks to relinquish her child for adoption and the biological father refuses to consent.


a. Explain the legal standards involved in the resolution of this conflict.


b. Considering that the legal standard involved when establishing paternity for child support purposes simply requires that the man be the biological father of the child, explain the inconsistency between the legal standards.


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