short discussions

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1. Min: 150 words

As an organizational leader, would you be for or against tying your compensation to economic value added and why? What other ways could managers be compensated and motivated if not tied to value added economies?

2. Min: 150 Words

Why is it important to understand the ability to evaluate investments in fixed assets when analyzing an organization’s overall success or failure?


3. Min: 150 words

There are numerous challenges in strategic management, and our textbook describes a few, including whether the process is more an art or a science, whether strategies should be transparent to stakeholders, or whether the process should be top down or bottom up. For this week’s discussion, complete the required reading and then proceed to the CSU-Global library to find one scholarly article that discusses a 21st century challenge for strategic management. In your original post explain the challenge in one or two paragraphs and cite the source. Then answer the following questions:







  • As a decision maker, what are the potential organizational impacts to a response?
  • As a decision maker, how would I learn enough about the challenge to make an informed decision?


4. Min 150 words
Read Nobel Laureate author Douglass North’s article, from the Journal of Economic Perspectives. 

Taking into account North’s analysis, how should we view institutions when considering entering foreign markets?  What role does the level of institutional development in a target market play in potential firm success there?


5. Min 150 words
Go to the WTO DSU web site ( and select a case from one of the listed topics.  Look for the case summary and review the facts and outcome in the case.  Share your thoughts on the case with the class and explain how you feel this decision helped or hurt the goals of trade liberalization.

In your response, please include at least two professional sources to support your analysis (i.e., business or law journal articles, textbooks, news publications).

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