2 managing organizational changes

Individual Project 2-3 pgs


Review the Unit 2 Background document before completing the assignment (this document is used for all three assignments in this unit).

Write a memo to Dr. Babcock to compare using a normative model for the questionnaire items versus the staff meeting force field approach.

Be sure to indicate which of the two processes you recommend the organization use to create the descriptions of the values. The aim of having behavioral endpoints to the questionnaire is twofold: It should provide the best information for improving the organization while meeting the desires of the management group.

The two processes to consider are as follows:

  • Using researched models and best practices from academic literature and OD practitioner case studies. This means providing specific definitions based on research that addresses each factor. The behavioral endpoints would relate to research findings on these factors.
    • Give 2 – 3 advantages to this method and 2 – 3 concerns or potential problems.
  • Consider using the staff meeting and force field analysis approach to identify what to evaluate. While this will not necessarily produce specific “definitions,” it will give specific actions that describe the exact behaviors that contribute to achieving the factor. The best actions would form the positive side of the scale. The hindering items would be used to choose the descriptions for the low performance endpoints on the questions.
    • Give 2 – 3 advantages to this method and 2 – 3 concerns or potential problems.
Be sure your comments take into account issues such as the following:
  • generating valid data
  • the impact on readiness to change
  • adding to the capacity and learning of the organization
  • implementation concerns (resources and time needed)

Finally, be sure to describe in the memo how the questionnaire you want to use would differ from the rough draft created during the management meeting. If there would be no change, please explain why. Download and review the draft questionnaire


Individual Project #2 1 pg

Review the Unit 2 Background document before completing the assignment (This document is used for all three assignments in this unit).

Create a force field analysis to present to your consulting partners that evaluates the idea of holding a large-scale, community-building meeting. You will want to evaluate the forces that will help it be successful and the forces that would hinder such a meeting from being an effective method for change. Include between 5 – 10 helping and 5 – 10 hindering factors. Make sure the hindering factors are not just the opposite quality of a helping factor (or vice-versa for the helping factors). Use this format or one similar to it. 

Increased commitment and communication from whole R&D Community


Total Community Meeting




Discussions Board 

You want to talk with your consulting company to check if the concept of using staff meetings might be a good way to involve the organization in creating the questionnaire.

You also want to brainstorm any issues about the facilitation of these meetings. If all agree that this method is the approach to use, who should facilitate the meetings? Should the managers facilitate the meeting? Should you personally facilitate it? Should it be the members of the internal OD staff?

You have put the following on the agenda for the next review meeting:

  • Is statement A below a good way to generate the types of information that could create the behavioral endpoints for a questionnaire?
  • Would there be significant advantages to creating meaningful and lasting change if we used managers or internal OD staff to facilitate the meetings?
  • What organizational factors would make this a “bad” approach or one to avoid?


One idea for generating definitions to the key values was to use staff meetings –  the intent being to use some mechanism such as force field analyses to generate each area’s information and consolidate it across all areas as a starting point. Our firm or the top management team (facilitated by us) would use the consolidated information to create the overall questionnaire for later use.


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