business ethic task 3

Task 3

Read chapter 3 in the textbook.

Answer the following questions:

1. What is an ethical issue? What is ethical issue awareness? Why is developing ethical issue awareness a critical step in understanding business ethics?

2. What three foundational values help identify business ethics issues? Describe each value.

3. Describe the difference between an ethical issue and an ethical dilemma.

4. What is a conflict of interest? How can employees avoid conflicts of interest?

5. What is bribery? Describe the difference between active and passive bribery.

6. What is corporate intelligence? Describe the illegal techniques that are used to collect corporate information.

7. Discuss the issue of discrimination in the workplace. Who handles federal discrimination filings? What law protects employees from Age Discrimination?

8. What is sexual harassment? What law protects employees from sexual harassment? Describe the concept of a hostile work environment.

9. What is fraud? Distinguish between accounting fraud, marketing fraud, and consumer fraud.

10. Discuss the issue of employee privacy while at work. Does an employee have an expectation of privacy while at work?

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