review the following articles and respond to the questions

Submit as single MS Word document.

Title each Part below. The minimum approximate length for both Parts should be 1800 words

  • Part 1 of 2 (refer to articles bellow)
    • Evaluate arguments and theses by
  1. Clemente (2013)
  2. Bellovin, Bradner, Diffie, Landau & Rexford (2011)
  3. Saadawi & Jordan (2011) and
  4. FEMA (2013).

Specifically, respond to the following questions:

  1. What do they in common?
  2. What are the differences is their assessment of cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection?
  3. How does FEMA’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Plan address key requirements set for by Clemente (2011)?
  • Conclude with a research or policy question for further research.
  • You must utilize literature and cite and reference your work using APA style.

( source for part 1)

  • Part 2 of 2 (refer to Week 4 Readings in the Lessons for Week 4)
  • Evaluate
  1. Findings and Lessons Learned in Xia, Becerra-Fernandez, Gudi, & Rocha-Mier (2011)
  2. Information Fusion in Hennessy, Patterson & Lin (Eds.) (2003).
  3. Can these findings be utilized in your city, county, state EOC. Why? Why not? ( state is Texas or Maryland )
  4. Conclude with a research or policy question for further research
  • You must utilize literature and cite properly.

source for part 2

    • Use APA style. Submit as Microsoft Word document.
    • Name the single file “EDMG600Weeks3-4_YourLastName.doc/x” (e.g., EDMG600Weeks3-4_Pesic.doc/x).

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