coca cola brand growth

Coca-Cola has shown enormous capacity to bend to the expectations of every culture with which it has dealt, and has done so for over 100 years. Beginning in 1886 as a medicinal cure for headaches, the brand became a popular beverage, growing through war times, through peace and love generations, even the high-tech generation. Despite sharp declines in carbonated soft drinks, Coca-Cola remains the premier beverage brand. Go online to Coca-Cola’s website where you will find a “history” tab. Identify what you believe to be key points in the timeline for the growth of the brand, and why you think those were important. The ads and commercials also tell a fascinating story of the brand’s success. In your opinion, what did Coca-Cola do right over the years? If you were Coca-Cola’s Chief Marketing Officer, what would you consider as options for the next strategic brand move?

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