final research paper 28

Students will complete a research paper (1850 to 2000 words) on a topic relevant to African American psychology. The papers should be typed, double-spaced, APA formatted, and saved as Microsoft Word documents or Rich text files. The paper should include a title page and a reference page, in addition to the 1850 to 2000 words of written text. No abstract is needed. At least 10 references should come from peer reviewed journal articles and references should be cited using APA format. Any student who fails to cite the work of another author will receive a zero on the paper. (See the Academic Integrity statement on your syllabus for more on plagiarism). Papers will be submitted electronically to at the link below. No late papers will be accepted. The paper is worth 80 points.
A sample paper is attached to give you an idea of expectations for this assignment.

My topic is : African American Parenting Styles ….

Turnitin report will be required
Be extra careful on APA format

I’ll attach the feedback on annotated bibliography.
I’ll also attach the outline (no feedback on this yet).

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