pick one of the following topics listed below to write a paper

Choose one of the following topics and write a 4 to 5 pages paper. Make sure you have a clear thesis or position. Give reasons and/or examples to support it and defend it against possible objections. Be clear and precise (avoid ambiguity and vagueness). Also give the paper a clear structure with paragraphs, transitions and continuity. Remember that if you take words, information or ideas from someone else, even short sentences, you need quotation marks and references, otherwise it is plagiarism. Finally, if you choose one of the topics involving a movie, make sure the focus of your paper are the philosophical concepts and refer to the plot of the movie only as it supports the ethical or philosophical points you want to make.

Hume says that we might be bound by the laws of humanity but not by the laws of justice when dealing with rational creatures of “inferior strength, both of body and mind.” Is this problematic for women and people with emotional and physical disabilities? In a portion of the documentary “The Examined Life” Martha Nussbaum criticizes the social contract theories, among whom we find David Hume. Watch this clip and explain the reasons for her disagreeing with the social contract approach. Further explain how what she says aligns more with an Ethics of Care. Do you agree with her?

According to Hume morality is based on feelings. According to Kant, it is based on reason. Explain the reasons offered by each author for their positions. With whom do you agree more? Give reasons to support your choice. Think of possible objections raised by someone supporting the opposite view and respond to those objections to strengthen your choice. Consider that the stronger the objections you can effectively respond to, the stronger your position.

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