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  • Establishing a link between causes and effects without proper causal claims leads to wrong conclusions. According to the textbook, “although we recognize the importance of establishing causal relationships, it is also true that doing so is very difficult” (Dyer, 2011). Therefore, it is important to think rigorously and connect the evidence from research. The common mistake that could be made when developing causal claims is the post hoc fallacy. It means that the writer falsely identifies that one event caused the other while there are actually underlying causes. Also, it is important to identify correlation between two events which does not guarantee a cause effect relationship. Avoiding generalization is also important because it is a weak strategy when establishing cause-and-effect link. Another area that should be avoided is bare assertions that deny an opposing position by saying that is just the way it is (Inquire, 2017). Avoiding ambiguity which refers to a statement that can be taken two different ways is also a good strategy.


  • In order to avoid making false causal claims, one needs to do their research and make sure they have reliable sources that their evidence is coming from. False claims = invalid arguments. If you give the audience false claims, then it takes away from your credibility. The key is to research and not just to assume things. With that, an argument could easily be won.


  • The advantage of NPV method is “the NPV method produces a dollar amount that indicates how much value the project will create for the company. Stockholders can see clearly how much a project will contribute to their value” (Woodruff, 2019). The IRR is that it assumes that the future cash flow are reinvested. The disadvantage of the IRR is there can be multiple IRR of a project. The MIRR the cash outflows are discounted and a disadvantage of MIRR is it the opposite of NPV.The method that I would choose is NPV, because it shows the value being created by the project.

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