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For this essay, you will write a five page paper(in MLA Format)in which you must take a stand on a controversy. It might be a current issue, a long-standing one, or a matter of personal concern. You will need three scholarly sources, one of which must be peer-reviewed. Remember that your purpose is not to solve a social or moral problem but to make clear exactly where you stand on an issue and to persuade your readers to respect your position, perhaps even to accept it.

4th paragraph should be a counter-argument


Assume that your readers are people who may not be familiar with the controversial issue, so provide relevant background or an overview to help them understand the situation. They also may not have taken sides yet or may hold a position different from yours. You’ll need to consider their views and choose strategies to enlist their support.

*A successful essay will:

✔Be five pages in length

✔Use three sources as support for the argument

✔Have a clear, well-developed, thought-provoking thesis that states your position

✔Be organized logically and coherently

✔Avoid using “you”

✔Demonstrate smooth transitions between paragraphs

✔Smoothly transition between writer’s voice and quotations (“They say…”, “I say…”)

✔Have writer’s voice ring louder than sources

✔Be free of logical fallacies

✔Employ ethos, pathos, and logos mindfully

✔Use properly cited textual evidence to back-up or demonstrate claims

✔Contain a Works Cited page

✔Be relatively free of mechanical and grammatical errors

✔Conform to MLA guidelines

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