7 1 discussion the results of terrorism on the law

Textbook: Criminal Law Today, pp. 404-418
This reading defines terrorism and discusses how domestic and international terrorism has affected our daily lives the text also provides a brief overview of the Constitutionality of these laws.

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Consider the changes to criminal laws, detainment, and punishment that are the result of 9/11 and the continuing threat of terrorism.

What ethical and legal issues have resulted from these changes? Identify at least three ethical or legal issues. How would you respond to the ethical issues created?

Respond to the posts of at least two peers. Which of the changes your peers mention do you think will have the greatest impact on law enforcement and why?

Peer post 1

I will talk to you about this as a Muslim and Military Veteran. 9/11 shook all of us to the core. I remember this day as the day the air went silent. What happened that day is heinous and evil and makes me still cry to this day. I as a Muslim woman with children (very young) at the time became fearful for everyone because we didn’t know where else they would attack. But, also we as part of the Muslim Community sit there and cried and prayed for everyone’s safety. Then we found out it was devils hiding in our religion that did this horrible act. We as a community were ashamed and frightened. The Patriot Act came from this and we felt scared but also we needed to stand up and weed out the evil doers in our Muslim Community and bring them to justice for the evil they were apart of and make sure no one else would be hurt. Anyone associated with anything to do with the heinous act of those evil people (9/11 attackers) were immediately turned over to the authorities and banned from our community. But, then we had to worry about being attacked ourselves by others who wanted to take justice in their own hands on us. We were targeted and our children were targeted just because we were Muslim.

I went to the Military after this. I had to do my part to protect everyone from these individuals who caused so much pain. Things I seen while in the Military were understandable but there was people who did unethical things to us Muslims in the military. Unethically targeted and other things. All we wanted to do is stand up and help our country stop this evil.

Unethical issues and legal issues started all over the country of being targeted by the police and others who wanted to take justice in their own hands. Mosques being destroyed all over the country and people being unethically targeted and arrested just for being Muslim. Ethically the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and TSA (very strict flying rules) was there to prevent anymore of those terrorists to hurt us again. But unethically targeting the Islamic Community and thinking we all are like those evil doers, when we were standing up and handing them to the police and banning them from our community. The Almighty Allah forbids such heinous acts. These were the acts of devils living and hiding in our community hiding under the Islamic name thinking nothing will happen to them. Wrong.

Peer Post 2

With the act of 9/11, an ethical issue that came from that is Racial Profiling. Though, yes, that was an issue beforehand, it became even more so to those of the Muslim background. Often times, someone of that background or another like it, became singled out more so than others. Legal issues that the United States had to deal with could have been security (such as airports and borders), and nationality (such as citizens in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.). The security being because all airports and borders went on a major lockdown and anyone who wasn’t a U.S. citizen within the United States suddenly became of interest. Whether they were of the Muslim background or not.




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