answer the following questions related to the chosen mini lessons 1

We have been reading the Christiano textbook, but no book or set of readings can possibly cover all areas of interest. For Lesson 6, there are some focus areas and supplementary readings located below on several areas of current interest in the sociology of religion. Please select TWO mini-lessons from the four listed Lesson 6 focus areas that most interest you and read those, along with the readings given within those Lesson 6 mini-lessons.

Citing specific material from the focus areas (mini-lessons and readings) in terms of concepts we’ve discussed in class, as well as any other credible and authoritative resources you might find, please concisely but insightfully address each of the following issues in at least 3 full pages of text:

  • What focus area did you find the most interesting in terms of class concepts, and why?
  • How does that first focus area conceptually relate to the second focus area you read?
  • How do both focus areas relate to issues currently relevant to the sociology of religion? What similarities do they share? What differences?
  • Why are each of the focus areas you chose significant to the past, present, or future of religion in America and/or the world today?

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