what do researchers report about teachers questioning techniques in primary mathematics classroom

Report Topic: Teachers need to have many skills when helping children learn mathematics. What do researchers report bout teachers’ questioning techniques?

You will need to source current research articles to respond to the question.

Note: You must include at least six research-based pieces of academic literature (journal articles, conference proceedings, and/or book chapters). To be considered a ‘research-based’ piece of literature, the authors must report on their own research (rather than, for instance, providing a review of others’ research).


Title – include a title that reflects the content of your report

Introduction (100 words)

Your introduction will consist of an overview of your topic and an indication of why the problem is worth exploring.

Literature review (1,500 words)

Use sub-headings to organise the important ideas that you will discuss, with reference to the literature. In this section, provide a synthesis of what you have read related to your topic and the major themes that you have identified whilst reading your articles. For example, a synthesis of your reading should include discussion of important ideas, topics, or viewpoints that are supported by multiple studies and set out in paragraphs.

To conclude this section, provide a comprehensive summary of the findings.

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