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you should write in comprehensive way.

The question:

Who is accountability for the success of students during their collegiate tenure?

Dwyer, Millett, & Payne, (2006, p. 2) says “The public’s knowledge about what happens once students start a college education is limited. We often make assumptions about the quality of an education based on the institution’s reputation, and one occasionally hears statistics about college graduation rates.”

As we analyze the educational gaps and state influence regarding funding; how do we increase the success of students, as they matriculate through college into the workforce? Dwyer et al., (2006, p. 17) mentions four student learning domains which will increase preparedness after college into the workforce. In your opinion, do you believe these areas of emphasis contribute to workforce readiness? If so, which one is the most important? Lastly, if parents knew this was the standard curriculum for all states/institutions would institution distinctiveness be a question regarding school choice? Use the readings to strengthen the response.

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